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Keeping your home maintained, looking great, and in good repair is the best way to maintain the value of your most important investment. But we know you're busy and have better things to do than sit at home waiting on a repairman. Amy's Whole Home Care is the answer.

With one call, we will make all of the arrangements to get an estimate for any maintenance or repair needed.

Amy's Whole Home Care has a preferred group of professional providers and technicians that are trustworthy and dependable. And best of all, we do all the coordinating and managing of the maintenance or repair.

And, best of all, we're a local, family-owned business. As your neighbors, we want to do our best possible work to earn and retain your trust and loyalty.

Property Management FAQ’s

While we are happy to provide property management for your short-term rental property, we do not clean, turn over for rental or assist with the rental contract. We strictly care for the home systems’ maintenance.

Our property management program offers a variety of services based on a weekly, bi- monthly, or monthly schedule. We are responsible for either maintaining home systems, and/or will schedule a service provider to take care of lighting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, appliances, gutters, roofs, pest control, and other home systems that require maintenance or upkeep. We can also schedule with your current service providers to accomplish any tasks that need attention.

Amy’s Whole Home Care is a sister company to Amy’s Green Cleaning. Over the past 20 years, together, we have managed properties all over the northeast Georgia region. With our years of experience, we have compiled a list of reputable and insured service providers to help keep your property in top condition. 

At Amy’s Whole Home Care, we primarily manage second homes, full-time residential homes and short-term rental turnover properties.

At Amy’s Whole Home Care, we incorporate a failsafe system of communication between the service providers and the property owners. No work is ever conducted without prior written approval, all work must be signed off on by our team of professionals, and any authorities such as inspectors are always included. It is the owner’s responsibility to acquire the proper permits for the work being conducted. 

Problems, emergencies, and time-sensitive situations will occur. At Amy’s Whole Home
Care, we always respond by calling the proper authorities first, followed by an immediate call to the owner. If the call is not answered, we follow up every 10-30 minutes until we reach the owner, or until the problem or emergency is resolved. 

Our fees are based on frequency of visits, size of the property, and distance from our headquarters. Fees typically run from $150/visit to $300/visit, based on the needs of the client. We always conduct property security sweeps, blow outdoor areas of debris, remove cobwebs from the property, conduct a mechanical room check, HVAC check, fireplace cleaning, grill maintenance, as well as other requested tasks.

Home maintenance services

You can always count on Amy's Whole Home Care to work with only the best, most skilled, and most trustworthy contractors. We stand behind all work performed and will ensure you are completely satisfied with the service and quality of work.

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HVAC contractors

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Propane procurement

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Interior & Exterior painting

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Roof & Exterior cleaning

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Boat & Jet Ski lift repair

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General construction contractors

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Plumbing contractors

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Appliance repair

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Gutter system cleaning

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Electrical contractors

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Pest control

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Window & glass cleaning

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Home Cataloging and Property Inspection

Home Cataloging - This is an exclusive service provided by Amy’s team of home professionals. Her team will come into your home and document all systems, makes, and models of all home equipment and appliances, procure public records of the property, and create an in-home binder for your access to this vital information. The catalog also includes emergency plans for water, electrical, and EP or propane cut-off.

Exterior Property Walk Inspection - Our certified team of professionals will walk the exterior premises of your home to identify problems and repair needs related to the exterior of your home and yard. See the checklist below.

Interior Property Walk Inspection - Amy's professionals will ensure you of any faulty or default problems inside your home by inspecting the main interior systems and equipment in your home. See the checklist below.

Exterior Lockbox installation - Included for every client is the installation of a lockbox so we can access the interior of your home to oversee any maintenance or repair activities..

Exterior & Interior property inspection checklist

Exterior Property Walk Inspection

  • Dead tree limbs
  • Impacted gutters
  • Natural and manmade debris
  • Drainage problems
  • Rodent/Pests
  • Check mail/package security
  • Cobweb removal from entryways
  • Blow and clear walkways
  • Exterior bulb inspection and replacement
  • Propane level
  • Exterior security sweep
  • Outdoor fireplace cleaning/prep
  • Boat/jet ski lift inspection
  • Cobweb removal from boathouse/boat slip
  • Wiping/dusting of exterior furniture/sitting areas
  • Annual screened porch pollen removal
  • Boat/Jet ski detailing
  • Irrigation inspection
  • Ground walkway and driveway pressure washing
  • Gather, sort, deliver recycling
  • Winter vehicle maintenance
  • Spa maintenance (only service salt or BaquaSpa products)

 Interior Property Walk Inspection

  • Mechanical Room(s) check-up
  • Refrigeration equipment check
  • HVAC system check
  • Annual Winterization/De-Winterization of plumbing system
  • Interior bulb inspection and replacement
  • Rodent/pest inspection
  • Fireplace cleaning
  • Annual water filter and system inspection
  • Annual dryer vent and chimney inspection

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